My developments

"Is it that simple?"
"Yes. But it was very complicated for me to make it that simple for you."


In the beginning everything was good. The world could work the same way for hundreds of thousands of years. Then two things happened. One was that the spiritual spheres began to take the same interest in the physical world as goes the other way round and found a way to bring it under their influence. This brought about a change and brought about the other change, which we call progress. When this development started, the world's previous framework was no longer capable of preventing its wild excesses.

In the beginning, I was just like you. I lived the same life for twenty years. Then two things happened. One was that I was touched by the spiritual world, but I also felt that there was something wrong with the way it was communicated by the channels that called themselves official. I began to research this world with a scientific eye, which is to say that there is no evidence for it, but there is no evidence against it. Over the years, I have discovered many things, one of the most important of which was that we have seen each other as a wild goose chase with those who like to see themselves as official channels.

In my research I used all the information I could find on Above and Below. All of this information and life situations came at just the right time to put together something that I could compare to what Apple was doing in the 1980s. Until then, the only people who could work with computers were those who could code and understood the language of computers. The doors were opened to the public when the first graphical operating system was released, which made it understandable and easy to work with. This is what I did in a field that is still shrouded in mystery and mystique.

The mystery and the mystique remain, but I have pushed the boundaries. Imagine the world as a holographic video game that you live and play in. If you look out your eyes, you can see this game. This is the basis of understanding through which you can start. Since the aim is to open the doors of possibility to the public, I need say no more about it, let the experiences that come to you after successful discovery speak for themselves. You only need to invite the ÉlményPark into your mind. ÉlményPark is the full name of the Holo Operating System capable of running on a 3D projection on the Consciousness Network. User's first person singular perception of reality.

The new world framework is already capable of preventing the aforementioned wild drives, but we are living in an age when these changes are just beginning. The process itself is taking place in a frenetic show, full of hologames, holofilms and holoshows. Don't be afraid that it will be too much for you, because you have your MIA, your own spiritual assistant, who will automatically do for you what you need expertise to do. If you have any questions, there's the Personal Client Gateway available to everyone in your mind, and you'll learn to communicate in your mind sooner or later anyway. But what about those who don't use them because they don't want to or don't know about it? They will not be disadvantaged, because MIA will help them and everyone has the right to decide for themselves what kind of game experience they want to continue with.

Multiplex Projection

What if the wild drives do not consider themselves wild drives? Who or what decides who is considered to be one? The game itself allows for anyone to play god, but these are only game roles, but deciding who is a wild goose is an admin task. Getting to the admin level is a lengthy task, where there are no game objectives and everyone is concerned with the system. The ÉlményPark has fixed the bugs in Creation 1.0, including no conditions and misinterpretation of the unit, which confused people at different levels of development, not to mention many dimensions. These could be seen as wild goose chases, but our world is an example of how good can come from different dimensions getting tangled up in 3D holographic frequencies.

When I started to deal with this problem at the right dimensional level, I overrode the end of the world, which seemed to be the best solution to this situation. The end of the world is the admission that no one can solve this problem, just as you would if you had to reinstall your computer. But I didn't see it as a problem, I saw it as an opportunity, given what I had experienced in the upper spheres of the sky, and that is boredom. I could have named the Experience Park after myself, but I prefer the title to express the essence, which from a celestial perspective is the physical plane. I should note here that it also works the other way round, meaning the spiritual world from an earthly perspective, not mistaken in its title here either. The only thing left was how to solve the problem of the different qualities in one world in a fair way, which is one of the conditions of the admin level.

In order to come up with a decent solution in such a situation, one has to reach a very high level of dimension, where one has the potential to transform human consciousness. For multiple projection is nothing but a new construction of human consciousness. In practice, this process is equivalent to a gigantic reorganisation of consciousness, and this is where I remember some serious head injuries in my past life, after which I successfully reorganised my consciousness. It is difficult to talk about complex things in simple terms, but holograms have an interesting property, best captured in the English language, and that is 'all in one'. Translated into one event, it is capable of doing as many things as possible, even completely different things. In my case, these head injuries have enabled my mind to both manage the upper dimensional levels and to sort out consciousness itself. What only a democrat who values freedom can do from a scientific perspective, only an Aquarian can do from a spiritual perspective.

I'll start with the problems I have to face in such a world. You have a lot of empty tracks and an overcrowded one. What would you do? You'd move them. On what principles? How would you prove to others that all those empty tracks exist? While there are a bunch of respected scientists living on this planet who have only seen parallel realities in mathematical formulas, because they can't prove to others the journeys they have made in their own dreams. You are not even recognised by them, which wouldn't be a problem at all if we didn't live in a world where we have to pay the bills and this is used for undeserved influence by beings who don't exist in the eyes of official science. This should be pointed out because this world has everything that a person doing this kind of meditation would need, but these resources have fallen into unworthy hands along with the world I live in. This is a problem that can only be understood by Below, and so I have placed it high on my list of tasks to be solved, which in turn can only be solved by returning. All in one. At least I can test everything from the inside.

The intentions and plans for the future of people in the world can be organised into reality nodes. These reality nodes are like the petals of a flower. You are placed in such a reality cluster and so am I. Because I do not look at the world from above, but test it from within, my own rules apply to me. Everyone has a world of their own, located at some level of a reality cluster, you just have to position your consciousness there. It is reached by a journey of consciousness positioning in dreams or death, which no one realizes in the first person singular because the brain will project its ideal world there. These own worlds have realities in common with others like them, with whom it can thus evolve, i.e. move to a higher level. My world is defined as 'technical civilization in a green environment' with advanced humans, where the goal is to find the key to happiness in an individual consciousness-centered world. Anyone who doesn't want this will forget it when he/she wakes up one morning in his/her bed in his/her own world in which he/she feels at home. But so do people who would like to, but just can't produce the 4 yeses to what is otherwise present in all life's minor and major situations: suitability, ability, competence, free will. There and back.

Holo Install

We're now at the point closest to the audience, but first a brief overview. Inventions either happen by chance or are born out of a specific need. If it wasn't for the internet, you would have to meet me in person to access certain energies. But it would be impossible for me to meet so many people in person. That would leave me to stand in front of large crowds, but on the one hand, that is extremely far from me, and on the other hand, I would need a reason to get crowds to come to where I am standing. What I am doing has nothing to do with any religion, it is a modern interpretation of the world, because the spiritual environment has not been able to keep up with the technological development of the outside world.

One of the inventions is to give you access to codes in front of the internet so you can call up the energy you need from where you are. The other invention is about what you can call up. I first experimented with sound, where I discovered I could convert certain energies to guitar strings with my fingers as if they were a matrix printer. The result was a meditation music that is as far from popular music as possible and although effective, it is also extremely annoying if not listened to in the right mood. I did manage to make them pleasant as far as possible, but that was not the right direction to take when they could be done much more simply through the human eye port.

Of course, to get stuff like that out there for anyone to access, I had to do some very serious work. But as I was also developing the ÉlményPark, this very serious work was embodied in its authorisation system, so I had nothing to do with that here. It allowed you to have access at home to holoapps that would take me a lifetime to deliver, so I had to do it once and they were available 24 hours a day from anywhere. With these, you can create your own games, which, when you put your own life in order, you contribute to putting the world in order. I'm sure you've heard this somewhere and it must have sounded like an empty phrase, but these empty phrases, when filled with meaning, become true.

"You give beginners this stuff?"
"When they use it, trust me, they won't look like beginners."