Just a sniff

Let's see what happens when you suddenly become higher dimensional. Initially nothing, because these processes slowly turn into visible reality. But then things happen that require expert systemic intervention. Because the sniffing itself would not be bad, quite the opposite. But if no one is concerned with the "how" because the rational mind is not present up/deep, then development depends only on the development of the "up/deep". The rational mind focuses on things like self-development, learning, equality, truth, purpose, and the meaning of things. These all seem, up to the last point, to be hassles from an above/inboard perspective that get in the way of the goals there.

Let me illustrate the situation with an example. If you see a lot of puppies, which one would you buy? I bet you'd pick the one that comes up to you, wags its tail and is the cutest little sucker. From the perspective above - and this is where the high and the deep get separated - we are all such puppies. Who, when they start to break through to others for their own good, become very cute. What happens in reality? The world based on value systems and democracy disappears, because in this zone of consciousness called elevated, there are hierarchies and collectives. But how do you get into this elevated zone? By a sniff.

These spheres appear to be closed worlds, which are thus highly subjective, where the solution can only be brought by the objective perspective, but the objective perspective is on the rational side of the mind. And this side has been called the enemy. Anyone who wonders why we have to fight higher dimensional beings should look here for the answer. If these spheres are all closed zones, then the present Earth and the humanity on it, what I call an anomaly, is a serious threat to them with the interlocked dimensions. For there is a mixing going on here in which "pure bloodlines" are not really to be spoken of, and if you take a sniff, you are essentially contaminating these closed worlds. Attempts to sort this out are instinctive, aimed at cleansing their own world, but this is heavily influenced by the fact that with such a sniff, not only your consciousness appears there, but also theirs here. What they see here is so brilliant and wonderful, what immediately comes to mind? Exactly what comes to your mind when you experience the atmosphere of the world above and you don't stop at a sniff, you rush to have more.

Why are the ups and the depths diverging? The key lies in the hologram, which neither sphere really understands and what they do understand is misunderstood. Let's look at the basis of this misunderstanding. Where is Heaven? In the Sky. Where is the Sky? Above. How do you get there? By death, by your soul leaving your body and ascending there. What you believe is what you have, that's how the hologram works. That means it also creates for you this invisible world out there and up there, because the hologram doesn't just deal with physical extension. Let's look at the same thing from the other direction. Where is Heaven? In the Outworld. Where is the Outworld? Outside. How do you get there? By being separated, by looking for the dreamers (no word for it, unfortunately) in the forbidden zone. When you sleep and dream, you are in the physical environment they have created out of the same misunderstanding that makes you think the spiritual world is out and up. They also have a physical world based on a pattern of their own world and it could still work if the parties didn't believe the two are one. The biggest thing here was understanding the problem first because only then can you plan the solution and that is only possible from 3D where the words "first" and "then" make sense.

Anyone who engages in what I have called, in plain English, angelic diplomacy, must take into account what I would like to emphasize again: everyone here is a subjective being, including you. This means that you perceive yourself in the first person singular, even when it is a collective. In a closed world, no experience of how to have a civilised relationship with others can develop, because on the one hand there are no 'others' and therefore no identical meaning of the word 'civilised'. Translated, they have no idea how to interpret individual consciousness any more than you have any idea how to interpret the collective. There are two places you could turn to know and learn more about this. The first is the dream scientist in the world of science, who reads this with the same dismay and disbelief as you, except that he has the professional information at his disposal to interpret it better, and therefore understands more about it than you do. The other is the world of priests, masters, gurus, where 99.5% of those pray to the spiritual world outside and above, and even teach the planes. But while the dream researcher closes the subject by saying that this man has no paper on it, in the eyes of the priests, masters and gurus a dangerous rival has appeared, who may be Satan himself... and once again another answer to the question of why to fight.

If you ask me the same questions, here's what I say. Where is Heaven? Within yourself. Where is the Sky? Within. How can you get there? By death, by your individual consciousness ceasing to exist. But these are just simple answers to simple questions. Because there was no mention, for example, of drug addicts, autistic people, people in comas, mushroom eaters (which included fried mushrooms in restaurants) or anaesthetic operations. I had two roads ahead of me. One was to develop a system of the worlds I surveyed and start teaching it to people who could memorize it in theory but lack the test of practice. After many years of work and getting on the "who are these idiots" lists, recruiting enough people to attract the attention of the national security agencies, I will die a famous man with the peace of mind that I have done my best. Or there is the alternative of doing my best, but the details of this are (far) beyond the level of ordinary consciousness.