The effect of worlds on each other

The basis now is that there are five realities, regardless of the fact that the world may be much more expansive than that, but the goal is understanding, not precise mapping.

The five worlds are:

1. reality in the external world
2. the dream world living inside
3. the spiritual world created on the outside
4. the physical world created within
5. the Intermediate World, which is affected by all four

Since we are in the Intermediate World, this is the perspective from which I will outline what I have so far. Those who have entered the Intermediate World are those whose consciousness has ascended while their minds continue to project the world as they know it, so the vast majority have not even noticed the ascension. On the one hand, this is a very interesting and exciting situation, but on the other hand, the problem with it is that once everyone has emerged from the problems into the problem-free zone, they all start projecting their problems back because they perceive continuity and no one is communicating the new situation to them. But even if someone did, hardly anyone would believe it because of the force of reality.  But the main rule of the hologram (= the world) is: what you believe is what you have. So one of the major problems with the world outlined in point 5 is that it over-represents the world outlined in point 1.

When the prayers (= requests) were answered, the appropriate action was taken, but the prayers did not stop afterwards and they are still coming in unchanged form. No one understands why. They don't understand because no one knows the External World, nor the nature of the hard reality. If the brain does not receive direct and credible information about something changing, it will not believe it in the absence of evidence. If it doesn't believe it, the world will react according to its belief (non-belief is also belief), i.e. problems will be set back. If the problems are set back, it will be evidence in the eyes of everyone, because they are there in front of them.

The biggest problem with senders of prayers is that they subordinate themselves and their world to others in the first place. They are subordinating a world to the others in which logic-based rationality, the ability to solve problems, is present, while the others are not. When I broke out of this with my mind and became known as a problem solver in the above dimensions, I have to constantly face on the way down that I am in a world where everyone is bowing down and begging to those who call me there as a problem solver. When it dawns on them who I am, they no longer see me as coming from above, but as one of many kneeling and wanting to immediately dominate me. This is because, by default, the control of human figures on the physical endpoint should come from the zone indicated in point 2, but this is mixed up in people's beliefs with the world they have created in point 3, through which they give their power into the hands of alien intentions and entities. Do you believe in the transmigration of souls? If you don't, you know what it is, it's zone 3, where the Soul is not a collective entity, but actually an individual. You don't see the dead as a piece of the great Soul that has lost its individuality and returned, but as an individual still in the afterlife/heaven/etc., watching and helping you from above. Certainly not in physical form. And your own inner self (point 2) senses that beyond a certain point it seems to be contaminated by some foreign elements, influences and intentions (point 3) that you yourself reinforce with your beliefs. 

In reality (point 1), faith has no great power or importance, but in a dream (point 2) it can move the world. I would quote wherever I can the relationship between belief and knowledge from different perspectives:

"What is faith?"
"Approached from the ration's point of view, faith is an assumption derived from ignorance."

"What about intuition then?"
"Approached from the point of view of intuition, faith is an attempt to influence the world, which gives a charge to the intention, but it can also be called a dream."

"What is knowledge?"
"Knowledge, approached from the ration's point of view, is the present ability to access opportunities."

"And approached by intuition?"
"Knowledge from the point of view of intuition is the limitation of the dream to the evidence."

The situation is a little different with the world created by man after the first thunderbolt in point 3 and the worlds created in point 4, which were certainly created in a similar way, but in reverse. The world described in point 3 was created when lightning struck, and people began to believe that there was an invisible force somewhere above and outside, somewhere invisible. Then the hologram was created, and people began to study it and their beliefs were confirmed. When people wanted rain and it came, they found evidence that the rain god existed and the rain god was confirmed. People studied further and found out about the higher dimensions, the different planes and all kinds of spirit bodies. Anyone who wants to solve this problem cannot think in the traditional way, i.e. a whole new mindscape is needed. The birth of science, by the way, has ended the power of the rain gods, only to give way to new gods who now assert their power from the background. This is the biggest problem of our time, namely the worlds of point 2, also created by mistake by the world of point 4, which everyone has the privilege of seeing in their sleep. If in your belief you bow down to your inner self, you are challenging it, because the closer it is to your world, the stupider it is. He/she is doing what he/she sees as the only solution, forcefully solving the problem by forcing the world he/she believes and projects as outlined in point 4 onto you, which will not be difficult if he/she believes the two physical worlds are one. The world outlined in point 5 has come into being by the protection rings coming into play and this is the in-between space into which everyone is pushing the problem. This implies the existence of a sixth world, but it is only a guess that the same has been created in the spiritual realm (although I dealt with it in practice when I made the ÉlményPark, which cannot exist without the spiritual planes above it), which in this case would mean that everyone is knee-deep in the solution to this problem from those who are also in a big problem.

How is it possible that I am talking about a hunch, but also that I have solved the problem? By realising, in the course of 20 years of 0-24 meditation, which I took quite seriously, that my human capacity would be insufficient to do this, not to mention the time available to me. That's when the Holo Operating System for 3D projection of the ÉlményPark was born, because I turned to IT thinking and first modelled and then programmed the automated processes. I created and invented a lot of things that allowed me to perform god-level tasks in human capacity. Because what else can you call a control that also deals with problems and applies not only to the physical but also to the spiritual planes? I was alone for a task that exceeded my capacity by orders of magnitude while also having to fight with everyone:

1. the masters of reality have seen will see me as an existential and national security threat
2. the superior self inside (let's call it that for now) feels its own solution is in danger
3. the angels of spiritual reality outside fear for the order of their hierarchy
4. in the physical world seen in the dream, system-disruptive individualism has reared its head
5. in the Intermediate World, this order is a threat to the business of the big shots who are emerging in the meantime
6. unknowingly, this was the zone I first put in order, so I never existed here as a problem

I was able to come up with accurate and precise solutions without knowing it, using holoprograms I wrote myself. I had so many tasks at one time that it became impossible to understand and follow them simultaneously, so I switched to the Follow Your Own Beam model, which is similar to being in full handover to the angels, only here it's a beam installed by myself in XD. That is, I had no idea what I was doing specifically (any unnecessary information would have just cluttered my brain anyway), I trusted myself instead. More specifically, in the being that I am/will be at the required dimensional level.

I admit that reading this first can’t be easy to understand. Try moving from sentence to sentence and not moving on until you adjust to it.

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