"You seem to have nothing to do with what others do under the heading of esotericism."

"You see right."

"Then you admit it?"

"I admit that I have nothing to do with what others do under the heading of esotericism."

"You do something under the heading of esotericism?"

"If I said I was, I couldn't prove it to you."


"Because esotericism is when you examine yourself within yourself. You cannot prove it to others."

"What can you prove to others?"

"Magic. But the problem is that the characteristic of all magic is that nobody notices it. The exception to this is magicians and those who pretend to be magicians."

"Who are those who pretend to be magicians?"

"People who have figured out that if they are magicians, people will accept it."

"What is the difference between esotericism and magic?"

"Esotericism is when you examine yourself within yourself. Magic is when you examine others within yourself."

"Is there a sharp line between the two?"

"As you get better, it gets blurred."

"If I am a beginner, where is the line?"

"There's you, who can't control yourself yet. You try esotericism, but it keeps turning into magic. If you're a beginner, the limit is so far from you that we can't even talk about it."

"What is magic?"

"If you're a beginner? It's asserting your intentions for yourself."

"If I'm not a beginner, then I'm not?"

"Yes, but it's just not nearly as clear what we mean by yourself. But as long as you're a beginner, you won't understand any of this."

"Why not?"

"Because you can't understand higher-angle information from a lower perspective."

"So what can be understood from it?"

"What you don't understand, you understand what you want to understand."

"Specifically, what would be the higher-angle information here?"

"When you rise, you are no longer just a person. The reason you will not understand is because you are trying to interpret information about a collective consciousness as an individual consciousness. Of course, a greater investment of time and energy can be made to make the higher insight information understandable to others by writing a book about it. If not, Einstein would have got nowhere."

"But Einstein could prove it."

"Mathematics is good for documenting in theory what everyone else sees as practical. But in a field where you are introspecting, proving yourself to others is meaningless."

"What is the essence of esotericism?"

"To get to the holographic level."

"What is there?"

"The whole world."

"Are there degrees of this?"

"If there weren't, the brain couldn't handle the amount of information."

"What do the degrees depend on?"

"What your brain can handle."

"What can yours handle?"

"My case is so unique, there's no point in talking about it."

"Tell me about it anyway."

"I had to figure out how to accomplish a task that was significantly beyond my capacity while maintaining reality on the timeline where I did the deep-trans meditation."

"I see."

"You understand some of this, but you certainly can't imagine it or comprehend it. If you keep asking questions, you'll get more information that you won't believe. Ask any more questions and you'd think I was a fool."


"Because you would take what you know and believe about the world as primary certainty."

"How would what you say be any different?"

"What I would say, I could only say in words that you would associate other meanings with."

"Can you give me an example?"

"God. I would be forced to use that word, but I would mean something else and you would mean something else. What I would understand by it would remain the interpretation of an unbaptized person outside the churches, because there is no other word I could use instead."

"Where is god?"

"You would first have to define the concept itself, because every dimension means something different. But if I don't want to evade the question, I would say in everyone. But to what extent depends on the level of consciousness of the individual."

"How can one step on this path? I mean, how can one get closer to God?"

"Every night when you sleep, you do that."

"And if I want to be awake?"

"Start meditating. But let's get something straight. People have something in them that makes them want to fall down and beg immediately. I would not recommend this if the goal is set before you as an objective goal. Before that, you might want to develop your personality and live your life further, to be more experienced and mature about it."

"Are they not a part of God to whom I would bow down?"

"If you are standing in front of an office building and your goal is to talk to the CEO, you should develop yourself so that the CEO sees this meeting as a fantasy. Otherwise, you would end up in various departments where the sub-department heads are also managers belonging to that company. They would certainly have different requirements for you, and it is no different here."

"Did this CEO see any imagination in you?"

"We're getting away from the point. If we keep talking about this, it's not gonna do anybody any good. Because my case is, as I said, extremely unique."

"In what way?"

"I was put in a special situation because of head injuries in my past life, and I have lived with it, but I have not abused it. When I found out about this special situation, it raised my sense of responsibility to a level above average."

"If I started meditating, what advice would you give me?"

"If you're really serious about it, that's enough. Go on living your life in the light of it."

"What does that mean?"

"Taking risks and taking responsibility. With these you can push your ticket into a better position."

"My ticket to where?"

"Inward. If you remember, you will be looking at yourself."

"So should I just sit down and turn inward?"

"It all depends on your potential and your commitments."

"But how do I do it?"

"I can only tell you how I did it. Here there is no such thing as someone's master, here you can only be your own master."

"I know of more than one person who is a master of others."

"Ask them about it then. If you ask me, I can tell you, master of others does not exist, only in the game."

"What do you mean by game?"

"The outside world. If you go within yourself, there is no outside world. Only yourself with your beliefs."

"Are beliefs important?"

"They're more like distractions that can lead you astray. The right path is always objective and it is good to keep this in mind in a highly subjective environment that you will encounter within."

"How can I reduce the power of distractions?"

"Conquer fear within yourself."

"What if I don't?"

"Don't go off on an individual journey, be part of a community in an esoteric group in the safety of your master."

"What happens if I go it alone and don't overcome fear?"

"You can get seriously scared. You can panic. Your belief in yourself can be knocked out by the ripples created by your beliefs."

"Why? What's scary in me?"

"If the purpose of the game is to play, it's not good if unprepared players want to grind their way up to admin levels to gain admin power for their game goals. If you are not prepared for that, your risk taking is more like stupidity. It's no coincidence that I say go on with your life after you've made up your mind."

"But if I live my life, I might not get so enthusiastic again and never get involved."

"You've already started with your intention. You can only stop it by never starting when the time comes."

"If you have such knowledge, why don't you open a school?"

"I could only open a school in the game, where I could pretend to be a master of others."

"If you didn't open a school in the game, what would you teach?"

"How to be your own master. But from the moment you start your meditations, I would be an outside observer, just observing your body. I would have no say in what you find in yourself. But I would not do such a thing except in exceptional cases, for if I were present when you were going mad with fear, I would have to do everything I could to bring you out of it."

"Have you ever been in that situation?"

"Once. But I was helped by a life situation in which the person knew that failure was if she didn't solve it herself. It's important to note here that it's all in the mind and a lot depends on you."

"What would you do if this happened to me in your company?"

"I have no idea. I'd improvise."

"But could it fail?"

"If it could, it wouldn't come out because I wouldn't be there. We're getting into the kind of higher dimensional stuff that a business magician would say is magic. But others would see it as a special ability."

"What do you see it as?"

"An area to explore. I've just been out in the world, and there are degrees of return."

"What kind of comeback is that? From where?"

"Conscious. The same way you start in, only in the opposite direction."

"That must be easier."

"Ask a climber which is easier. Up or down."

"What's the difference?"

"If you go uphill, everyone around you will think you're stupid. Then word gets around that you're crazy. In that sense, there's no difference, only here in the sky beings think you're stupid."

"Why would my friends think I'm stupid if I started something like this?"

"People who are really your friends wouldn't think you're stupid, everyone else would. Because those who are really your friends will accept you even if you change."

"What kind of change is that?"

"It changes the importance of things. Because friends don't start meditating, they stay on the importance of their own perspective. Which as you start to move away from, they see you as more and more foolish. Then comes the moment when they literally become hostile. The reason for this, beyond the game's defences, is that you start to fall outside the invisible hierarchy through which they have access to your energies and no one is happy about that. This is happening to me right now, only the opponents are more serious. But I'm not the novice that started out."

"What is the connection between what is happening inside me and what is happening outside?"

"Good question. I should answer it in a sentence I could write a book about."

"What would be in this book? What would be the main message?"

"That you are not where your body is, but your body is where your mind is. The outside world is just a stage set, but the power of reality is much stronger than it first appears. I used this in the fights, when I unleashed tied scripts on them. I'm not impressed by their PR, so they move on..."

"What PR?"

"Religious faith. They have this figured out by stacking all sorts of people above me (my body, that is) in their occupation hierarchy, who in turn are religious and so a pattern of behaviour and character is beamed down on me from above. I make this point because if you start meditating, you will have this effect on many people and it makes a difference what these patterns are."

"I'm getting confused about that."

"It's also a nice achievement that you've been able to follow it so far."

"Can we talk more about this later?"

"Do you want to continue?"


"Here in the outside world? Because you could continue on your inside."

"Talk to myself?"

"If you don't immediately rush to a psychologist out of fear of strange voices in your head, then not necessarily."

"Foreign voices in my head?"

"And we're nowhere from what else."